Other movies of Peter Jackson in new Zealand

We have heard so much about The Lord of the Rings and its filming in New Zealand. There is one more top grosser movie which really is grand and is made in New Zealand. yes folks i am talking about King Kong the remake of the classic by Peter Jackson. It took the title but Peter Jackson made it grander as he does with all his movies.

King Kong 2005

In addition to the Giant Gorilla he added a dinosaur in the movie. That was the master stroke. In the original the story drags on a little bit, but Peter Jackson added his own story and made it work. It was a childhood dream of Peter Jackson to work on the King Kong script. In fact he tried making a movie trying to copy King Kong when he was 12 years old. When interviewed he even told that King Kong was the reason of him becoming a Director.

The movie shows us great locations in New Zealand which only a man knowing New Zealand can find. Peter Jackson did magic with the script adding great scenes from New Zealand natural beauty. He made use of technical brilliance of New Zealand studios and re-created New York right in the studio. Skull island is no where but Jungles on east shore of New Zealand.

The film had a grand opening and ultimately became the fourth biggest grosser of all time. Hail Peter Jackson.


Welcome to the beautiful green screens of New Zealand

One of the biggest debates in science fiction is if the artificial can ever replace the natural. Can robots ever be as good as humans? Can a green screen ever be as good as the actual thing?

Well, the last one is more specific to movies off-late. It’s a good thing we have access to better CGI- it gives us better movies and makes them far less campy. But are these movies relying way too much on CGI rather than using the natural elements at their disposal?

With the release of the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Peter Jackson has officially completed the second trilogy of films set in Middle Earth. Throughout the course of Lord of the Rings, Jackson made use of perspective shots and New Zealand’s naturally beautiful scenery to make the movie stand out. There was very little graphics, and this knowledge makes the movies feel so much better. Of course, this contributed towards New Zealand’s tourism too.

Lord of the Rings: Hobbitton

However, most of the Hobbit films were shot in CGI. Even though Jackson had already shot incredibly similar scenes without the use of green screens and computers before, he made the decision to not use forced perspectives or real-life tricks for the recent trilogy. How bad was the effect? Well, it reduced one of the lead characters to tears, and made the movies much less believable than the older trilogy.

The Hobbit Green Screen

So, where do we draw the line between the awe reality can inspire in us and the worlds our computers can generate?