JRR Tolkien and New Zealand



The films like Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are among the most watched and followed throughout the world, with numerous awards adorning the walls of cast and crew. Not only are the films identifiable art forms in themselves, but so are their associations and consequent branding of New Zealand. There are a whole number of differing benefits they bring to the country and economy, and we are yet to see the full spectrum as the last Hobbit film is quite a spectacle. On a local level, the sheer scale of filming requires huge assistance and with the location of the majority of the film, people and organisations from the surrounding area are needed. When the films do get released, huge groups descend upon our islands as the whole world views premiers and other associated events. When the frenzy is over, tourists continue to visit with both franchises high up the list of reasons they came. But, as the media machine continues to work its magic, it is all to easy to overlook those who may need it.


Animals are an integral piece of the films and with the sheer size of the production it is a wonder how such quantities are kept under control.

The trilogies of the JRR Tolkien’s fiction series are amazing to read as well as watch. The locations in New Zealand make it look real. The series has characters which can be imagined only by Tolkien. The concept of middle earth ¬†and shire is really amazing. I hope they have more movies coming from his novels.