Can We Have More Movies, Please?


Well, first we had the Lord of the Rings, and that was awesome. New Zealand was on the international map. Look at all their beautiful scenery. Peter Jackson’s affinity for this nation really helped to boost tourism and reputation. But that all kind of faded away in the years after Return of the King. However, Jackson decided to stretch out another one of Tolkien’s novels into three movies, this time going with the Hobbit. But, let’s face it: Although the exposure has been pretty cool, the last movie is now out, and New Zealand will once again fade from memory.

This is why we need another franchise and soon! Give us something good, Mr. Jackson. This entire genre is fantasy anyway. Who says you have to remain true to the Tolkien works? You can flesh it out and actually combine the two.

Who’s up for seeing a merging of the Hobbit and LOTR? Let’s have a three-part movie series where the stories overlap, the end of the Hobbit and the beginning of Frodo’s journey. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Give us some more Gandolf. Give us some more Orcs. And keep propping New Zealand up as an awesome place!


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