Home grown…

I read with interest this week, that Kevin McCloud was in Auckland to launch a local version of his hugely successful British show Grand Designs.

Grand Designs to be built locally in New Zealand

While I applaud the impact of creating a local version of  a hit show such as this can have on the economy, versus just buying in overseas made versions – I can’t help but think we have enough of our own successful home grown talent that we could foster and nurture ensuring all the money is generated by New Zealand in New Zealand. I’m not for one minute saying we shouldn’t buy international hit shows, for one thing it brings diversity, but I am questioning the need for these franchise shows where we simply buy and replicate a format. As my previous post mentioned we are more than capable of creating home-grown shows, that are good enough to generate international interest.

For a local industry to thrive it needs money injected into it to produce talent and creativity. While a show such as Grand Designs will employ local staff giving training and experience, at the end of the day the profits will flow out of the country. Why not employ the same people in local productions that have a chance of being sold outside New Zealand – after all no one will buy a New Zealand version of an already internationally franchised show.


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