I wrote last week about Broods and the skepticism with which I viewed the sudden attention they were receiving. Indeed, I’ve not heard much about them since writing about those few interviews I found last week so maybe my predictions about their transience were accurate. A much bigger name was in the news lately however – one that’s been around for much longer.

This story from the UK newspaper The Guardian details Eminem’s decision to take legal actions against our very own Nation party for using his song ‘Lose Yourself.’ The story rightly points out the irony that the National party championed artist’s rights to reap the financial funds from their work yet have seemingly abandoned this cause when it suited them. It also brings up the question as to why the hell does Eminem even need the money – isn’t he rich enough already? But it seems that people’s desire for that extra bit of comfort cash spans all professions and income levels.


For us normal people there’s an option to follow in Eminem’s footsteps. I’ve recently been struggling to make it to the end of the month with any cash left over. Bills are on the rise and basic living expenses are also increasing while salaries seem destined to remained fixed and flat. Luckily, the website simplecash.co.nz is here to help out. Providing immediate loans to tide you over until your next payday, it’s a great way to secure some simple fast cash. I’ve used the service and while it has its pitfalls and dangers, if used with caution it can be a great way to make sure you’re not left short at the end of the month.