We could be looking at another international success which might bring some much needed focus to the wealth of talent and hard-working artists our country ceaselessly produces.

Tipped as New Zealand’s next big pop export, the brother-sister combo Broods could be coming to a radio station near you. Something worries me a little about this story however. I’m happy to see the homegrown singers get some international attention, it’s a great thing to help drum up some support and interest in the creative efforts of New Zealand’s youth. What worries me is that this duo have been writing songs together for only a year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a sign of the times when it comes to looking at what kinds of acts come into the spot light these days. Already appearing in numerous magazine interviews, there seem to be an influx of stories before we’ve even had chance to hear what they’re capable of. And all off the back of a supermarket talent contest!


Long gone are the days when bands would tour endlessly for a few years, hitting the road and relentlessly honing their songs and sounds with endless hours of band rehearsals – now it seems to be a much more disposable industry. Pop acts come and go as fast as you can learn their names and, taking a look at the pictures of these two, it looks to me like they’re much more suited to being fashion models than music mega stars. Do we really need to be pumping more self-important wannabe singers into the world’s awareness? Overall it doesn’t feel like something to be proud of.


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