Earning a Crust in Entertainment

With entertainment such an exported commodity these days it can be frustrating to see the cinemas, TV channels and YouTube streams absolutely DOMINATED by productions, movies and presentations from the USA. While I have nothing against Hollywood per se (apart from their apparently unrelenting penchant for funding any drivel and dross which gets pitched), it seems unfair when it comes to other countries competing for a slice of the lime… light. This seems to definitely be the case here.


This news story talked of how some of our stars are not at all secure in their success. Such greats as Rena Owen and hiphop artist Ladi6 talk about how their fortunes have often rested on shaky grounds with them both disclosing their reliance on claiming the dole in order to make ends meet. This makes me a little sad when you see the stardom and solid success which actors and music artists of other countries enjoy.

Could it be changing? The new story ends on an optimistic note so hopefully we won’t be seeing the death of our stars. Furthermore, this report from the NZ film commission hails the launch of an on demand service for our films. We’re a little late to the game but could it be the stimulus our floundering entertainment industry needs?