The Royal visit


As the media furore passes over, it seems enough reflective distance has come to look back upon the United Kingdom’s royal family tour and what this means for our Economy. In our current time whereby we are all too ready to keep our eyes glued to technology, resisting the urges of life without it, I find it quite amazing that a family can attract such attention. But, forgetting these kinds of effects, of course it is a benefit to our Economy. The media is kept happy as large column space is filled, and advertisers are given plenty of opportunities to get their names involved. But most importantly the benefits can be observed outside of the media. With such an extensive visit, places that would see sporadic visitor numbers throughout the year dramatically increase. Local shops and infrastructure may struggle at the time to keep up with demand, but surely the financial benefits associated are huge. The irony of the situation is that the whole premise the British empire was built on, still rears its head in such a day and age. And I wonder how much of the trip has been paid for by the government, and of course by our own taxes.


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